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  • Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School9

    Heath, TX | Rockwall County


    April 17, 2014

    Amazing school. The staff seems to really care about the kids and their well being. I own them a lot for my child excelling the way he has. I can say enough good things about this school. Ms. Gentry, Ms. Pullen and Principal Ms. Helm, you are amazing ladies. Don't stop caring like you do. You are touching more hearts and lives than you realize and I thank you so much for my son's progression.

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    September 10, 2010

    I have always been pleased with the entire staff at this school - they are caring, nurturing, and part of our family. I am especially happy to have a more professional principal this year. She seems to be more interested in doing her job than being best buddies (and acting like one of the kids) with everyone (like our previous principal). This is our family's fourth year at the school and we are looking forward to many more great years.

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    April 25, 2010

    the entire staff from the principal down to the custodians are kind, compassionate and foster an extremely respectful environment..plus the teachers are so good at what they do.

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    April 18, 2010

    I was in the first graduating class at Amy Parks.This school and its staff mean a great deal to me. I honestly believe it is the best all around elementry school you could choose for your children. My assistant principle at Utley middleschool and Heath Highschool was Dan Crawford and I can't tell you how much I respect him. He definitely had a positive impact on my life not only by developing my discipline but by giving me advice when I was lost. I see him as more of a friend than anything and hope that one day my children have the opp. to attend this school.

    December 29, 2008

    My wife and I were talking about all the things we are thankful for this Holiday season and one of the disccusiontopics was Amy Park-Heath Elementary. From the teachers to administration to office staff/teacher asistants we could not be happier. We have had several issues we have been going through as a family over the years and this schol has been so incredibly supportive. Our kids continue to grow both academically and socially because the of relationships built in this school. If you are looking for a elementary school home for your children, this is it. I look forward to the years to come as each year seems to get better!

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    November 7, 2008

    Amy Parks is the best school my children have attended! The staff is wonderfull, my kids couldn't have better teachers. They are caring, loving and most important dedicated to the children! We love Amy Parks! Thank you Ms. Barnes, Mrs. Hansard, and all the 6th grade team for such wonderfull year so far.

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    June 21, 2007

    My husband and I have two sons. Both of our sons began and eventually completed their elementary school years at Amy Parks-Heath Elementary. The school is truly exemplary. We could not have ever imagined an experience as positive as what our family has received from this campus. The principal, staff and frankly the school district is truly incredible. The parent organization at Amy Parks has always been outstanding. As a mom, it was an incredible support to have such an awesome feeling of teamwork to provide a positive education to our sons. Thank you everyone - you have not only touched the lives of my sons, but you have truly provided a lifetime of beautiful memories. Thank you to everyone involved (both parents and staff) for such an incredibly positive experience. Our family was truly blessed by the Kindergarten - 6th grade years of each of our sons!

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    January 31, 2007

    Exceptional school. Almost has too much parent involvement. Sometimes you almost see as many parents as you do teachers in the school. Our daughter loves the school, teachers and Principals. This is the elementary school everyone wants their children to attend.

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    May 27, 2005

    Amy Parks Heath Elementary has been a great school for my 2 children. They have been going since they were in Kindergarden and are now completing 2nd & 3rd grade there. The teachers and staff are absolutely remarkable! My children have definately accelerated in their learning abilities by attending Amy Parks. I highly recommend this school to anyone coming into the Rockwall area.

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    June 2, 2004

    I have two children at Amy Parks and have been attending for 4 years now. This school has a great sense of community and an overall call for involvement by all students. The parent participation is unbelievable and the teachers that I have experienced have all been loving, nurturing and encouraging to my children. The activities that the children participate in throughout the year are excellent and the teachers ability to enrich a strong desire to learn is superb. While no school is perfect, I think this one comes pretty close.

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    May 5, 2004

    I am appalled at the one parents previously posted review. Amy-Parks is an awesome school, including, and most especially, its principal, Mr. Laird. I am a working parent, but manage to eat lunch up there weekly and volunteer up there on a weekly basis. I have never seen or heard the children addressed or treated with disrespect. Unlike the other parent, I will be saddened when my children leave this great school to head to Middle School. I can't say enough about the great teachers, administrative staff, and parent volunteers. If it is a 'mediocre' school as the other review describes it, then how do you explain the 'Exemplary' rating consistently every single year?

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    February 27, 2004

    The children and positive parents are what make this school great. Wonderful families from a peaceful community provide the enrollment for this mediocre facility. Children's peers prove to be priority over faculty professionalism. We were especially disappointed in the Principal, Mr. Laird. His communication skills were minimal. He truly is a 'little man'. During our children's three years of attendance at Amy Parks, we witnessed a large turnover in teachers for various reasons. Dominant negativity was particularly witnessed in the lunch lines and P.E. classes. If more parents had witnessed some of the yelling and disrespect vented toward the children, they would have been appalled. We were glad to move on to Middle School.

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