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  • Mendenhall Elementary School4

    Plano, TX | Collin County

    October 24, 2013

    Mendenhall is an elementary school with 600 students K - 5. 539 of those students are economically disadvantaged. The principal, Karen Noble, is a wonderful woman. She knows every child by name and makes a point to speak to them individually and give hugs when so many schools say don't touch. Her teachers are a direct product of her leadership. They all volunteer to tutor children every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year. About 40% of the students do not speak fluent English and come from homes where no English is spoken. The school has a high number of students with special needs, both cognitive and emotional. It is not unusual for the teachers to supply their students with supplies and snacks. The attitude of the staff is positive and happy. This school is a good example of how it takes a village to teach a child. Mendenhall has an active PTA that works very hard to raise money for the children to experience those activities and field trips that the more financially stable schools get to experience. This diverse population is not always easy to work with or accommodate. Many long hours are spent with staff and PTA to make this school successful.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 5, 2013

    This school was the best elementary school I went to. First I started in bilingual classes but up to third grade they switched me to an al English class and entered the PACE program. They didn't let me be in a class where I wasn't supposed to be at. They prepared me for middle school, they prepared me to enter all honors classes. The teachers are very nice. They make sure that you understand everything and make sure you do your best. They kept my parents informed about everything that went on in the school.

    November 10, 2010

    This school has been a blessing for my child. She did not do well at her last school, but has blossomed and excelled at Mendenhall. The teachers are amazing and truly care about every student, and they offer plenty of extra activities. Furthermore, they focus on teaching students how to learn, rather than just teaching to a test or giving students facts to remember. The principal is very concerned and involved, and they do a great job of including everyone. More schools should follow their example.

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    February 10, 2010

    This is not a good school. They focus on the lower students to the detriment of the smarter kids. Smart children deserve to be served just as much as ESL and lower level kids. This is also a very rough school with many discipline issues and problems with the kids after school. We are moving to get away from this school.

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    October 22, 2009

    I do not recommend this school because they focus more on bilingual education rather than academics because most of the students are Hispanic. There is too much focus on discipline rather than encouraging the children. Test scores have gone done in average in the recent years. Many of my neighbors have sent their children to other schools, and so will I in the upcoming year.

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    August 18, 2008

    I love this school. We have had 3 of our 4 children go thru Mendenhall, and they have all excelled in honor, pre-AP, and AP classes. The teachers are very loving, kind and interested in your children's education. No school is perfect....but Mendenhall is pretty close.

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    September 27, 2007

    My own kids went to Mendenhall. The teachers invest themselves in the kids by building relationships and helping students succeed. Teachers tutor after school and Saturdays to see that kids soar academically. There would be more parent involvement, but many of our parents are employed.

    Submitted by a teacher

    May 17, 2007

    This is the worst school that my children have ever attended. The parents are not kept informed as to what is going on w/the children, you find out everything last minute. My children will not be returning to this school in the fall.

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