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    Savvy Way to Buy a Home:  Get the house you want and at the right price.  We work the Savvy Way.

    • Experience – Pricing, Negotiation, Positioning, Staging, Photography, Market Timing

    • Technology – Information and communication in real time.  Transparent Marketing and Offer to Closing process where clients have visibility into deliverables every step of the way. (do we show past sales anywhere?)

    • Savings –  In competitive markets, when productivity increases, costs should come down.  That’s economics 101 right?  In residential real-estate sales, it’s just not there yet.    One day though,  real estate fees will become unstuck, and “un-savvy” agents everywhere will resist or chase the trend down from behind.  

    Not us at Savvy Realty.  We don’t have time to chase trends.

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